Dual Wheel Braking System for a Pushchair

Winner of the New Horizon Trust Award

A young pregnant woman with cerebral palsy approached Remap about a dual braking system for a pushchair she had purchased. Her main concern was that should she stop walking, or fall, how could the chair stop as she was unable to work the foot brake independently.

The Solution

A spring -loaded piston was used bilaterally on the back wheels to provide gradual braking. The shape of the handle was designed to allow use of the pushchair's foldaway tray and to allow folding for transportation or storage. The (pushchair) change this to. The pushchair also servers as a walking aid. This adaptation, although fixed securely, could be removed at a later date if required. The client is very pleased with the adaptation.

The Benefits

The client is very pleased and relies on the pushchair to move her baby around, bith indoors and outdoors and finds the tray useful for carrying small objects such as the telephone. She has had a fall while walking around the house and the buggy stopped immediately, keeping the baby safe.

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