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Kayden Thank You Letter 2017


A Lovely thank you letter Posted 31 Oct 2017

Archery stools hits the bulls eye at the Invictus Games in Toronto 2017

About Remap: September 2017

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Enabling Expression through Independent Creativity



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Volunteer - Jill Case Secretary 

Volunteer - Les Carpenter

Volunteer - Jean Occupational Therapist


Volunteering Making equipment for disabled people


OT News 2017 Remap annual awards 2017 OT wins Inman Award

Example of our work: Eating aid for double amputee

Northern Ireland Press Release 29 July 2017

Disability Innovation Summit 13/14 July 2017

Jazz benefit gig announced Saturday 29th July 2017

Online Magazine Market Research 2017

Wheelie Momma Diaries  2017

Press release for Remap-designed throwing chair 2017

Carers Week 2016

Golf  Day 2016

Remap Supports the Big Life Fix (Big Life Fix on BBC)

Remap N I ( is a charity operating in Northern Ireland since 1997. Occupational Therapist and engineers design and make bespoke, innovative items for people with disabilities where no commercial product is suitable.

These items help to enhance independence and quality of life and are provided free of charge.

Although Remap provides its service free of charge to the recipient it needs money to survive and operate. Fundraising is one of way for Remap to raise funds to design and make, or adapt, equipment for people with disabilities. 


Remap Mission:

Remap helps people with disabilities to lead more independent lives by providing them with adapted or New equipment designed and created by a net work of volunteers.    Charity Number 1137666






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