About Remap: September 2017

REMAP (Rehabilitation Engineering Mobility Advisory Panels) was formed in the 1960s when there was little or no specialised help for disabled people. Much of that help came from private organisations, and a number of these organisations came together, reflecting their diversity.

Remap works throughout the UK; in Northern Ireland we are known as Remapni.

Who are we?

We are a team of engineers and crafts people, led by health professionals. An engineer is anyone who can identify a problem and work out a solution using the materials and techniques available. A health professional can be a doctor, an occupational therapist, a physiotherapist, anyone who understands the disabled person's health and is competent to guide an engineer.

What do we do?

Remap makes equipment to help people work round their disability. all our equipment is made on a one-off basis; we do not have a product range. We make devices to help people live as normal a life as possible.

How do we operate?

When we are approached by a person who needs help, or by a Health Professional on their behalf, The referral is laid before Panel for consideration. If it is accepted, we choose a volunteer or team of volunteers to work on it.

We look at whether a solution is commercially available; often, we can advise therapists of the commercially - available solutions. Sometimes we can adapt commercial solution to suit a client's particular needs. Other times, we invent a solution from first principles.

We also consider whether a solution is within our competence; if not, we will look for help. Remap can call on specialists in a wide range of fields - working with plastics, wood and metals, finding IT or electronic solutions.

Always we consider whether our proposed solutions will cause harm to the client; our Panel's own occupational therapist's advice is essential here. Remap does not copy commercial products, nor will it modify property not belonging to the client except with the owner's express permission. This limits the field in which we operate, but the client's safety is our first consideration.

Who pays?

As a registered non-profit making charitable company. Remap's products and services are free; we rely mainly on donations and gift-aiding for financial support.

Remap is Registered Charity No. 1137666, Company No. 07316433

What can we do for you?

Remap came to Northern Ireland in 1997 . until September 2017, we had over 540 referrals.

The Agility Steps were made for Reuben.

Reuben was three years old at the time, and he was born without legs. He doesn't have a right hand, either. But he can make his way up the steps without help and sit on a chair.

"The Communications Board for Logan"

Logan was nine years old at the time and he could not walk or talk. His teacher can put pictures under a clear plastic sheet where Logan can see them and point to them. He can point to pictures and tell a story - "I want to play with this toy", "I want to go here",  "I am happy".

Kayden has cerebral palsy, leading to his spasticity in his legs. He couldn't walk properly. Following surgery, he needed to practice walking for half an hour every day. An uncle gave him a treadmill, and Remapni adapted it with full-length handrails at the right height. Kayden can now walk indoors regardless of the weather. This also gives his mother a welcome respite, as she doesn't need to accompany him. Kayden was ten years old at the time. He now plays hurley at school.

" Rollator" has become the generic name for a walking frame with wheels. This is a four-wheeled version. It had two brakes, one for each wheel, but three times to date we have been asked for a conversion where one lever works both brakes.

A three-year old girl has severely shortened arms. She has no hands - just a single digit where each hand should be. This is the first prototype of a drinking / feeding aid. We are already working on a much-improved Mark 2 - we just haven't had time to test it yet, it's so new!

Contact: victor.cole@remapni.org www.remapni.org

Remap is a Registered Charity No. 1137666, Company No. 07316433 



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