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The pace usually slackens in July and August, but not this year... today we've been assessing a kitchen to make it less hazardous for a very active three-year old . . . tomorrow it's a drop side cot to be fitted with a door so that wheelchair-using parents can access the baby . . . a drinking / feeding aid for a disabled girl . . . a woman needs a way to don her prosthetic arm . . . a man needs his Rollator adapted so he can use the brakes with only one hand . . . if you can help with designing or making, or fundraising, or keeping records, please contact 


Remap NI 09/11/17

An unusual story......A Rollator went missing between Ontario and Dublin Airport. Its owner has a heart condition, and needs the appliance desperately. When Remapni heard of the man's plight, they were able to lend him one that they have in store. Happy holiday, Brian.

We help people everyone regardless of their income, and our help is given free of charge, (although donations are welcome) Registered Charity No: 1137666

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