The process

The process




The enAball is a portable and adaptable painting device the allows wheelchair users to independently express themselves through the medium of art.


The enAball empowers him. It enables him to produce work and give him a sense of wellbeing. He seems a lot happier'

Hilary Green, The Sussex M S Centre manager a paint applicator giving the user 360 degrees of movement, and its small size and portable nature requires only a small amount of space to operate.

The current market is populated by big, ungainly and messy products that restricts the users' freedom through flawed rollers, barrels and wheels, the arms are also adaptable meaning the product can attach to a range of wheelchairs - from an adult's to a child's.


Santander New Ideas Competition Winners!

May 18, 2017

The 'enAball' took top honours in the Santander University of Brighton Ideas Competition 2017.The device was invented by product design students Benjamin Taylor, Benson Pocock, Pete Barr, George McPherson and Eli Heath. In addition to the cash prize, Judges awarded the team package of business support to develop their idea. Each of the BSc(Hons) Product Design with Professional Placement students....

We're currently teamed up with nationwide charity Remap. Remap produce bespoke product design solutions to enable the lives of disabled individuals.

Our current project is the enAball - a painting device for wheelchair users. We are working closely with the Sussex MS centre to produce a product to enable multiple sclerosis suffers to express themselves through art.


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