Online Magazine Market Research Letter



Online Magazine Market Research Letter.

Remap NI made a care table that was high enough for Sarah to toilet and dress her baby. 

Sarah also couldn't lift her baby out of his cot. The drop side was adapted by fitting a door in place of some of the flats. Sarah can now put the baby into the cot.

Sarah is now in the process of launching her own business, an online magazine primary aimed at disabled mums. It's high end lifestyle publication with real life stories, equipment and products suitable for disabled mums, accessible holiday reviews fashion and beauty, features from medical professionals and lots more.

Sarah is at the stage where she is carrying out market research on her online business project and has put together a survey questionnaire (link below). Sarah would be keen for other disabled mums to participate in this market research.

Remap NI support Sarah on her online business venture and it would be of great help if her market research (questionnaire) was successful.

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