Remap Awards 2018

Remap Awards 2018

Celebrating another year of our volunteer' ingenuity creativity and expertise.

The awards were presented by David Henson, Engineer and Paralympian. who said, " I am blown away by the ingenuity of Remap's engineers. They are coming up with some really unique, creative solutions which have massive impact one people's lives".

A 3D-printed device to allow an amputee to use a rollator 

Many congratulations to the winning projects, which represent some ingenious solutions to problems faced by individual disabled people from across the country. Like all of our equipment, each of these devices was given away free to its new owner, for whom it was specially designed. Our hard-working team of volunteers help about ten people every day in this way, allowing people in their communities to stay independent, regain lost skills and discover new ones. We are grateful to each of them for their expertise and continued support, allowing us to make more things possible for more people.









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