Remap NI NEWS Letter November 2017                                                                   November 2017


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                                                        The Indomitable

The child had meningitis as a baby, and as a result he had to have partial amputations of both legs and both arms.

Now he's four years old and he goes to a mainstream primary school. His Occupational Therapist asked for steps so that the boy could climb to toilet height. The steps were made specially low, but he surprised us all with his ability to climb without having to be shown how. Even more amazing, he worked out for himself how to get back down again.....


A man asked if we could adapt his wheelchair to take a fishing rod holder.

Yes we could...........

Make adapters for two different types of Holder




Development work continues 

Making and developing prototypes can go through many iterations before we are ready to offer the solution to a client. The device below was made for a client without any hand to hold a cup between her forearms. We made it thinner and lighter to the point where it broke.


So we went back to the thicker design below. We will have to use a cup without a handle, but we are getting nearer a final solution.


A woman has been fitted with a prosthetic hand. It has a pincer mechanism operated by a cable.

The client does not like the harness that controls the cable, and she has been offered a button device that attaches to her back with a temporary adhesive pad.

How can she get this pad into the right place without help? Remap NI's solution is a plywood panel that hangs on the back of a bedroom or bathroom door

It uses thin flat hooks, so the door closes as normal. Each hook carries a light chain, so the panel can be adjusted for height. The panel has a block so that the client can orient herself correctly - she can feel the block with her left under-arm area.

The pad is lightly attached, adhesive side out, with a touch of Blu-Tak or similar, the client then leans back against the pad, and the adhesive sticks to her back.

Remap NI's solution:


Also in the pipeline......

More for the boy..... he needs a dressing aid, something to help him put on his clothes.

For pants and trousers, we're thinking of an arch that he can wriggle into legs foremost, with four fabric loops attached to the waistbands and hooks attached to the arch.

Shirts with buttons aren't really an option, but T-shirts or Rugby shirts are more practical. Need to work with mother / carer?

An Easel for an Artist - A women has breathing difficulties and is in constant pain. As part of her therapy, Inclusion Works at the Cedar Foundation has asked if we can make a wall-mounted easel.

A plan is to be drawn up, including costs, to be discussed with interested parties.

A Wrist Brace - A man has had a stroke, and he needs a wrist brace with some means to hold a spoon. He has an American appliance, but it is worn out and is no longer procurable in Europe. 

A possible solution has been noticed at another referral, and several ways forwarder being considered.








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