Remap NI Press Release


Remap Northern Ireland Press Release. 


About US: 

 Remap is a national charity working through local groups of skilled volunteers to help disabled people achieve independence and a better quality of life.

 We do this by designing and tailor making equipment for their individual needs. This helps them carry out essential daily tasks without having to ask for assistance, to take part in leisure occupations or sports that would otherwise be impossible for them.

 Our History:

 Remap was formed in 1964 by Pat Johnson an I.C.I. employee. Pat's sister had polio which presented her with physical problems in managing day-to-day life.

 Pat's sister was confined to a wheelchair but had upper body movement. As a widow she relied on her children and neighbours for help with day-to-day living. She even need help getting her wheelchair down the steps to go to the shops. Having acquired some scrap timber Pat built a wooden ramp his sister's front door and also installed an electric  hoist, with a runway above the ceiling in the hall and bathroom of her bungalow.

 His sister was overjoyed with the ramp and hoist and they immediately gave her a level of independence she never enjoyed before. Pat was so impressed with the huge changes this relative simple solution made to his sister's life that resolved to bring similar changes to other people's lives.

 Remap grew to where it is today covering the whole of the UK, helping over 3,500 people every year to become more independent.

 If we go back 1964 when Pat Johnson the equipment to help his sister nothing has changed the works still ongoing today.

Remap has been operating in Northern Ireland providing the Remap service since 1997.

Case Study:

Remap NI help allows Sarah to be a real hands on mum.

Sarah is a full-time wheelchair user.

Remap NI made a care table that was high enough to toilet and dress her baby.

Sarah also needs a cot adapted so that she could reach her 6 month old baby. Remap NI made a hinged door also raised the cot higher so she could drive her wheelchair under it and lift her baby from the cot.

The Care table and cot gave Sarah the independence to toilet her baby and put her baby to bed by herself prior to this she had to leave this to her husband to do.

Remap gives people with disabilities the joy of independence.

The service will be provided free to the client and is delivered entirely by volunteers.

Although Remap provides its service free of charge to the recipient it needs money to survive and operate. That money comes from a variety of sources and fundraising is an integral part of the National Office and Panel functions. 


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