Volunteer - Jill

Volunteer Jill Case Secretary 

When I joined Remap I knew very little about its work, about disability issues or engineering, but my local group had a vacancy for a secretary to organise their work and were very welcoming. That was over 20 years ago and since then I have got to know "my" wonderful, dedicated and hard-working band of engineers, and many delightful people with whom I have had contact by phone or email.

As Case Secretary for my local group, my role involves receiving requests for help from medical professionals. directly from disabled people or their carers. I then locate a suitable engineering volunteer to undertake the work, keep track of progress and maintain the records. So far I have been involved with nearly 1,000 cases, each one unique, interesting and challenging. I am still thoroughly enjoying my work for Remap; it is hugely rewarding to hear how much difference the equipment supplied to disabled people can make to their lives.

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