Volunteer Carpenter


Ten years ago I used to visit Alec, an elderly gentleman I knew in a nursing home. He had no lower arms and was very deaf and as a result his TV was on very loud most of  the day. His neighbours were understandably troubled by his high volume but I did not know how it could be solved. On one visit he had two volunteers from Remap with him who were installing small speakers on brackets to the inner wings of his armchair. Alec could sit back in his chair and hear the TV perfectly at a much lower volume than before. Peace and harmony was restored all round and Alec was put back in control.

They went on to make him a card holder and a simple yet ingenious adapter for his prosthesis to enable him to continue playing bridge. The difference their visits and help made to his final years was amazing to watch and I felt genuinely moved.

AS a former carpenter, I felt that I too might be able to make a difference to local disabled people and became a volunteer with Remap. I have gone on to meet and work with many amazing people as a result.

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